Going on a Mushroom Hunt

13 May

Last weekend Dave and I were out at the Getz Farm for the semi-annual mushroom hunt. My sister Ashley brought her fiance (John), John’s brother (Peter), and some other friends (Krista, Meryl and Johnathan) out for the festivities. And yes, I am wearing a stocking cap embroidered with a pheasant.

Mushroom Hunters

Musroom Hunting Footwear

Along with my mom and dad. and Baker and Buddy, we all trekked out to some land my dad owns in Preston, Iowa.

Buddy and Baker

As soon as we got to the woods, I spotted a giant snake, which Herb then proceeded to pick up with a stick. The snake turns out to be the only thing I find on this trip.


So what exactly were we hunting for out in the woods? The illusive Morel.

So illusive.

Krista found the first mushroom about ten minutes into the hunt, which was promising as my parents hiked for three hours the previous weekend before finding any mushrooms. Also, my Grandma said we weren’t going to find any, but I guess we proved her wrong. Because we proceeded to find several more mushrooms. They are supposedly delicious, but I am hesitant to eat fungi.

More Mushrooms.

A bit later, my sister found a GIANT morel, arguably the best find of the day.

Ashley: 1 point.

My husband looks pretty good hiking in the woods in giant steel-toed boots.

Mushroom ‘finders’ included Krista, Ashley, Herb, Johnathan, and finally, Peter, who wasn’t about to leave the woods without finding himself a mushroom, gosh darn it!

Me and Dave

We ended up hiking for three hours, and the gang found approximately thirty mushrooms. I found zero, but I helped pick them off of the ground. Afterward, Dave and I took a looong nap, and we ate a giant meal which included (for my part) three helpings of Grandma’s cheesy potatoes, corn, garlic bread, and some deliciously rare steak. But, as I said, I did not eat any of the mushrooms. All in all, a great way to spend a Saturday.


One Response to “Going on a Mushroom Hunt”

  1. Carla May 13, 2010 at 5:22 pm #

    It looks like a fun and interesting day. Even the footwear was interesting. Your pictures are GREAT!!!!

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