Testosterone Infusion.

27 Apr

In sharing a life with a husband, there are a lot of male things that one becomes exposed to in daily life. Some of these things include farting. Others include boy’s TV shows. What are boy’s TV shows, you ask? Well, those are the kinds that are designed for boys. It is only fair to have to watch a number of boy’s TV shows if you have exposed your husband to The Hills. However, sometimes you will actually enjoy watching these boys TV shows, because they don’t actually involve sports per se, and how lucky you are that your husband doesn’t actually even like sports.

The first boy’s show I have come to enjoy is called Bully Beatdown. The host is this guy named Mayhem, and he is some sort of Mixed Martial Arts fighter with red and black hair.

On Bully Beatdown, a neighborhood bullies get their come-uppance in the form of. . . a beatdown. It’s a kind of reverse street justice. One or two wimpy guys that have suffered undeserved violence at the hands of a giant d-bag get to earn cash while watching their bully get pummeled by an MMA fighter. I’d recommend it. It is actually pretty satisfying to watch.

The second boy’s show that I like is called Deadliest Warrior. It’s on the SPIKE (read: man) channel. On Deadliest Warrior, a bunch of nerds in a lab stage hypothetical match-ups between historical fighters. For example, Pirates v. Knights, or Spartan v. Ninja. Included among the cast of nerds is  a ‘descendant’ of a historic warrior, or some sort of ancient weapons expert.

The science nerds talk historic smack and then physically annihilate jello people and dead pigs with spears, swords, clubs, and pistols.  Somehow they measure the effectiveness of each warrior’s weapons and then use some sort of computer simulation to calculate which warrior is more bad ass. You will find yourself rooting for one side or the other, its inevitable.

Of course, none of these shows is as great as The Hills. But, if you are caught watching TV with your significant other, brother, or male companion, entertainment is possible.


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