16 Mar

I am pretty happy today because the sun is shining and it is the type of day that makes me forget how two or three weeks ago Dave and I were questioning why, exactly, we live in Chicago, for about the zillionth time since it started to get cold around here. True, we do dream of warm and sunny Nashville, Tennessee, but for now, as long as the weather holds I will be glad to be living here in my little white house on the South Side of Chicago. I already took the dog for his first walk of the day, but I plan on taking him for another walk when Dave comes home from work, because he deserves to play outside too! I’ve been doing a bit of spring cleaning today, but I have also been outside enjoying the sun’s lovely life-giving rays (as opposed to the summer’s scorching evil rays of radioactive plasma, or so says my husband). On sunny days like this, our cat Sheegan starts yowling until we let her outside. Apparently this significantly decreases a house cat’s life span, letting them outside, but as long as she comes home for dinner and doesn’t get hit by a car in the alley, there isn’t much we can do to deprive her of her desire to enjoy the weather. So here are a few pictures from this afternoon. . .

Sheegan visiting the neighbors

Buddy in the sunshine

The Glorious Hammock


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