Something new to read, and my favorite gadget.

2 Mar

This summer for my birthday, my totally awesome husband gave me an Amazon Kindle, which happens to be the best thing in the universe for a crazy reader like me. Husband got a Kindle for Christmas from his parents, so now we are both totally hip. And I know Dave was a little jealous of my Kindle, and he says I was not ever going to let him use it, which is false, because I am good at sharing my toys with people who ask nicely.


So let me just tell you how awesome the Kindle is. SO Awesome! I know that Barnes and Noble has its cool new ‘nook’ (which face it, is the cutest name for a book-thing EVER, and it has the cool feature of flashing the book covers in color across the bottom of its screen) and Sony has the sub-par eReader, but I think the Kindle is best. And that is because it eliminates the need for me to ever fill an entire backpack with books for a beach vacation. It’s kind of like when I got to stop carrying around my gigantic CD wallet (seriously, it held like, a million CDs) and trade it in for an iPod. Currently, my Kindle is holding 70 items, which includes 11 full books and a whole bunch of samples of books that I plan on previewing. The samples are free, which is outstanding. Try before you buy. Did I mention the best part? The books cost… wait for it… 9.99! Which, when you used to go to the bookstore and spend waytoomuchmoney buying a couple of paperbacks, is a much better deal on reading material. Dave’s parents also got both of us these jazzy little black Kindle jackets for christmas, so now we both look super cool when we are reading together on the couch or in bed.

As an aside, probably one of the hottest things about my husband is that he loves reading as much as I do. So sign me up for the nerd hall of fame.

When I first was getting the hang of all the Kindle functions, I accidentally purchased a book I intended on sampling. The book is called Crazy for the Storm, by Norman Ollstead. Turns out, it is a great book, thus making the accidental purchase a happy one. The book is written in two parallel narratives, one about Norman growing up with his Dad, learning to surf and ski, and the other is about a plane crash in the California mountains Norman and his father were in when the author was 11. Eventually the two narratives coalesce as Norman makes his way out of the plane and down the mountain. I don’t think I am spoiling anything by revealing that Norman’s dad dies in the plane crash, but the whole of the book is a great story about how much of an impact Norman’s dad had on him as a young boy. Norman’s parents are divorced and he lives with his mom and her boyfriend who is at times an abusive drunk. However, Norman has an incredible bond with his father that is cemented by their adventures surfing and skiing in some of the toughest conditions possible. It’s a great testament to Norman’s relationship to his father, and you end the book wishing you could have met him. I would highly recommend this book.

Read it. Crazy for the Storm. I promise you will like it. And it is now included on the Books I Like page of my blog.


2 Responses to “Something new to read, and my favorite gadget.”

  1. mep March 2, 2010 at 8:34 pm #

    I enjoy my Kindle as well, though there are a couple cracks in its frame that are making me nervous.

    I also enjoy “free shopping” in the Kindle store. I check out the Kindle bestseller list every other day or so, and there are always some free books on the list (not just classics, but newer things that publishers temporarily put out there for free). Some of the free stuff is crap, but some I have enjoyed. The thrill of a purchase with none of the guilt or expense.

    Happy Reading!

  2. Ash G. March 15, 2010 at 10:04 am #


    I am waiting for a new post! I am off work today and with oodles of internet time…so I was hoping for some new thoughts.

    I have a book recommendation for you…it is just a fun read, nothing mind blowing. It has made me laugh out loud…Mennonite in a little black dress, by Rhoda Janzen.

    Enjoy. Love. Ash

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