It does a body good.

31 Jan

I was up real late with anxiety on Thursday night because my legs were hurting, and I couldn’t get comfortable, and every time I closed my eyes I would see images of Halloween stuff and hear the song from the MTV commercial for America’s Best Dance Crew. Yes, these are the things that keep me up at night. I suppose I had some underlying issues that were actually causing all the stress, but if I could pin point them, it might have been easier to deal with so I could fall back asleep.

Be that as it may, I woke my husband Dave up in the process because my tossing and turning is pretty disruptive. So it turned out we were both awake around two in the morning and stayed that way until he had to leave for work at 6 am. Despite my feeling completely wired, we actually had a pretty nice little time soaking our feet in the tub, sitting on the couch and yelling at the stupid people picking out houses on HGTV (House Hunters, My First Place, etc.), and having some late night ‘nacks. My theory was that a cup of milk could probably help me calm down since it is so comforting and creamy and delicious.

Dave and I got to talking about milk, which is an interesting topic. Dave brought up the fact that he has never seen any family aside from mine that drinks milk at dinner time. This is second nature to me, as I am the granddaughter of a dairy farmer and daughter of a former 4-H Champion. I suppose it makes sense that when you grow up feeding baby cows bottles of milk that you develop an appreciation for the beverage.


Dave's first time feeding a calf.


Here’s the rub though–everyone on my dad’s side of the family is about seven feet tall. Everyone, that is, except me and my cousin Chelsey. Chels is a bit shorter than me, and I’m five foot three. My cousins Jacob and John (who grew up on the farm) are ten foot tall basketball stars.  All my siblings: taller. Which, as a child would piss me off because everyone thought my sister Ashley was older. I’m the oldest! It’s not my fault that I ended up vertically challenged when I drink just as much milk as the rest of our Midwestern Germanic clan. I just got the defective height gene.


My family members are taller than this bus.


As a child, I remember taking my blankie with me downstairs in the morning to find my Dad sitting at the kitchen table in his suit and his shiny black shoes (of which he had 5 pairs–one for each day of the week, so they would ‘wear evenly’), reading the Chicago Tribune and drinking a tall glass of milk. At the time I couldn’t fathom how anyone could drink so much in one sitting, because that glass always seemed huge to me. I had some quality time with Herb (Dad) yesterday just chatting, and I told him about my theory, and I asked him if he still has the same breakfast. He does. And he thinks the reason Chelsey and I are so short is because we don’t drink enough milk. Which is bunk.

You know what else is weird, and sort of ironic? I married someone who is lactose intolerant. And I probably lost the point of this post, which is, I guess, that I am proud of my German farming heritage, and that milk is my favorite beverage of all time.


One Response to “It does a body good.”

  1. Sabrina January 31, 2010 at 5:34 pm #

    I grew up drinking milk with every meal. Not so much anymore cuz I’m forever on a diet. I love milk with pizza!!!! I’m also addicted to hgtv! When we buy a house, I’m getting on my first place. Makes me sad though that I can’t get one right now. Are you guys still working on any renos?

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