My first blogger shout out

26 Jan

I was just thinking of Allison this morning; I wondered how she was doing, what she’s been up to and that book I have to send back to her (I didn’t forget, sugah). We both also share a genuine adoration for Martha Stewart, which undoubtedly sealed our bond.

Oh, Jason! Probably one of the sweetest things that someone has done for me in while is that Dave’s best friend Jason totally gave me a shout out on his blog, The J Way (which is great, by the way!) I am very encouraged that a veteran blogger like J wrote a whole post (!) about me and my little blog that is all of a week old. I’ve officially been endorsed and I could not be more touched! So THANK YOU Jason! I love you and miss you, and you better count on Dave and I making it out to Brooklyn to see you really soon!


One Response to “My first blogger shout out”

  1. Jason January 30, 2010 at 1:11 pm #

    Hi Allison! You’re welcome! Thank YOU for your kind words; I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself and your new blog. I love and miss you too, honeybunch and I’m very much looking forward to your NYC visit!

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