Love Pizza!

26 Jan

The first thing Dave and I ever cooked together, back when I was living in Champaign for law school, is what we have affectionately dubbed ‘love pizza.’ Because it is made with love, obviously. The first time we made it all four of our hands were involved, but since then I have taken over most all of the cooking responsibilities. I don’t mind at all, and one recipe I have essentially perfected is this pizza. The pizza dough recipe comes from The Joy of Cooking, which is my cooking bible and encyclopedia. Back in the dating days, when Dave would drive down to Champaign for the weekend we would buy a St.Louis brand pasta sauce from the Schnuck’s. Now, I use Pastorelli brand pizza sauce I pick up at Dominick’s and it is delightful. Dave says my pizza is better than Chicago deep dish (which is another cooking projcet I intend on tackling), and I don’t know if I necessarily agree with him, but it is really, really good. It’s great comfort food that has great memories attached and is something I plan on making for years to come.

The first love pizza!

Today's love pizza, and my hubby in his Superman jammy pants!


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