Around the House

25 Jan

Brief recap of the weekend in domesticity:
(1) Craft Project Afternoon did not yield much success aside from me learning to cast a few stitches on to a knitting needle. I may need to find a teacher for that little project. As far as sewing, I thought I might make some pillowcases for some throw pillows I have hanging out in the basement. However, something was up with the tension of the stitches, or else I wound the bobbin wrong, I don’t know, but I got too frustrated to look it up in the book that came with the machine.

(2) I planted some seeds on the window sill. They are supposed to be purple and red flowers eventually. I really need some greenery around this place.

(3) Made some yummy chicken and noodles for dinner last night. Kicked up the comfort food with a bunch of cayenne pepper. Yum yum yum.

Chicken n Noodles n Peas


One Response to “Around the House”

  1. mep January 25, 2010 at 12:46 pm #

    Thanks for signing up to blogtrot! CaraBee is doing the scheduling, but I look forward to learning more about life on the other side of Chicago. I’m not a Cubs fan (if that gives me any street cred with you).

    I too have been planning to learn to knit and sew for years. I think I’m going to need a teacher for both endeavors for sure.

    The chicken and noodles looks yummy!

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