Get Psyched.

24 Jan

It’s pretty nasty outside here in Chicago… although surprisingly warm, as it turns out. Dave is sleeping after a long night working the late shift, and I am sitting here enjoying a delightful bowl of oatmeal with a Dove chocolate heart melting in the middle. Chocolate for breakfast, you say? Well, OF COURSE. Seriously, try it though. Go buy yourself a bag of valentine Dove chocolates, some maple ‘n brown sugar oatmeal, and then you can thank me. Or thank my hubsband, since he invented it. Alright!

Well, a couple of things have got me psyched this morning. Let me share. First, my all time favorite blogger in the whole multiverse, Dooce, is joining forces with one of my other all time favorite things, HGTV! You might not understand, but I have been reading the Dooce since I was a sophomore in college… she is kind of like a family member or a really good friend that lives on my home page. I’ve been there through the births of her two kids, her book deals, and have watched her go from relatively famous blogger on the interweb, to now, tv star. If you haven’t read her stuff, I suggest you pop over, because she is fantastic and she is my blog-idol. I got pretty psyched getting a hundred hits up on this here little blog o’ mine, and she has been on Oprah! because of her blog. Not that I am an especially big Oprah! fan (I don’t know, she requires an exclamation point), but, one has to admit that getting on her show is pretty frickin’ huge.

Second thing I’m psyched about: YOGAmazing! I discovered this amazing! (redundant, yes) podcast a couple of weeks ago, and let me tell you, it totally rocks. If you are like me, and you don’t want to drop 12 bucks or more on a yoga class, fire this podcast up on your computer. I usually do two episodes at a time, since each is about 30 minutes. The teacher is this cool dude named Chaz, and he is super encouraging. It really is like going to yoga in your living room, which is great, except when the dog thinks it is a sweet idea to chew on his bone on the half of the mat not currently being occupied by your body. Makes it a little difficult. So… pop on over to iTunes and download Chaz’s class–there are about 20 in the archives, and they are FREE. Which is obviously the best part.

Chaz, with his podcast on the iPod

Third (and last) thing I’m psyched about this morning: projects! Since it is so gross outside, and hubsband is a sleepy puppy, I’m going to (a) learn to knit, or (b) sew something with my new sewing machine I got for Christmas. Stay tuned! I’ll post the results of my craftiness. K bye!


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